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Vita of Giulio Tosca

„ I want to paint a world without shadows, so that when people look at the canvas, they see only objects lit by the light from within themselves.“

Giulio Tosca was born on August 29, 1965 in Gemona del Friuli. He crew- up in Moggio Udinese, a village which has been shape by the  earthquake of 1976. He is a dedicated, self-educated person, who says: „ I did not want to attend an artschool. It would have most assuredly been possible for me to learn new techniques that way, but the spirit of my art would have suffered as a result.“ And: „ Closely examined, my work is in opposition to most of the teachings  of the artschools, as well as many artists.“ He began to paint professionally in 1986. Just a few years later, he was selling his pictures regulary and receiving orders for his work. At the same time, he continued his studies, by dedicating his time to the sacred writings of various cultures. This interest forever changed his view of the world, as well as his perception in general. This inspired all of the themes that he has considered and expressed through his art. Further and stronger influence came from the following sciences, in which Giulio Tosca was always interested: from Anthropology to Paleontology, from Zoology to Astronomy. He says: „ My style of painting has been influenced by the cave paintings of the Australian aborigines, the ancient Egyptian paintings, and the Mayan and Incan art of South and Central America. My paintings are definitely related to the prehistoric and anceint art. Even as a child, I did not favour blending, shading, or any nuances. The colours needed to be clear, distinct, and seperate from one another. If I was not satisfied, I accentuated the seperation of the coloured objects with black lines. This was particularly marked in the early pictures, from 1986 to 1989.“

„ I particularly enjoy painting directly on walls. Not being confined to four corners, is a source of great inspiration for me, like a deep breath ... a 360° breath.“

„ My works are all untitled, because I want the observer to be free from external influence, so that spirit and soul have the freedom to roam.
Only then can they see and perceive whatever he wishes. “      

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