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Giulio Tosca : A Return to the Roots

In a world bombarded by advertisments and exhausted from racing after uncertain outcames, there are luckily, still a few free spirits, whose gift is the ability to communicate pure art through colour.

One of these artists is Giulio Tosca; an artist who draws forth his work fom his mind and heart. The works, to which he gives birth, became a connection of penetrating chromatics and a successful interrelation of form, on  a virgin canvas.

His message is: „ ...leave an impression, a sense of being....“ and this

he does without preconceived ideas, prejudice, boundaries, or rules, simply as a  result of the pleasure of expressing himself and his innerworld, an innerworld filled with intensive feelings and awareness.

His stark personality and tremendous creative talent, produce artistic creations,  which draw the observer into this innerworld for a look, and  at the same time, release them full of astonishment.

His cromatic choice of colours is never accidental. The colours are clearly and distinctly seperated and yet, united through a common vision of harmony.

His brushstroke, sometimes forceful, sometimes delicate, invites one on  a strolll along the bounderies of reality; where the suns have many colours and the branches of the trees intentionally interwine, while a gliding heron, is suspended by the yearning for freedom and hope.

Annia Missoni, presidente della associazione „Amici dell`Arte“.

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